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Using the HTC Titan for Cellular Gaming Reasons

The mobile phone has become a part of everyday’s life and it serves more than the communication role. Gaming is one of the leading industries in the mobile industry and different phone manufacturers have strived to make suited phones. The HTC Titan is a brand new smart phone with many great features and capabilities that include mobile gaming.

Display is quite important in gaming, for which the HTC Titan instrument is having a screen of 4.7 inches. It becomes quite useful in playing games and it is important to safeguard this costly phone by means of HTC Titan screen protector. The screen functions on WVGA technology thereby having a brilliant capacity to display 16.7 million colors. The screen is among the widest of the displays available on a phone which is ideal for heavy apps like gaming. In gaming the huge screen gives the player crisp and clear images. With a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels the screen has a fabulous density of 216 pixels per inch (PPI) that supports up to 720 pixels HD.

Without such powerful and feature rich screen, gaming would have no meaning on phone. This smart phone has a 1.5 GHz Scorpion SoC processor. To compliment the power of the processor HTC also equipped the Titan with 512 MB of RAM. The 512 MB of RAM make sure that your programs run smoothly. There is also a CMOS sensor in addition to the processor and the RAM, since the phone is a touch screen model. Its backlight control mechanism and backside illumination system also enhances gaming experience. All of these features packed into a single device can only mean that the user will be ready for some long hours of non-stop gaming. The device is just 131.5 mm high, 70.7 mm wide and 9.9 mm thick which provides it quite comfortable control in hands.  

Certain additional fittings enhance further the gaming control on this device. The technical side of this device makes it relatively easy to perform many of the gaming tasks you throw at it but there are also other features that make this a favorable device. There is a magnetometer, accelerometer and a 6-axis gyroscope that assists in getting the player connected to the gaming world. The multi touch screen has to rely on the features of the phone to transmit the control signal from the player to the device. Without these features users would not be able to game because some games would be impossible to play, therefore hindering the overall gaming experience.

You can buy a fabulous HTC Titan case for your sturdy smart phone, additionally there are many HTC Titan accessories that are there which might be helpful to you to let your phone become a fantastic gaming device for you. Its SRS surround sound mechanism can be enjoyed through the internal speakers of the phone or by using headphone that can be linked to the instrument through a 3.5 mm audio jack or through 2.1 Bluetooth device. The smart phone can also be hooked to external speakers for better quality of sound.

Overall, the phone has large enough memory to store the installed games that are possible to be downloaded from different gaming portals. A flash memory of 16GB makes it smart enough for storing plenty of games. It is powered by the Windows Phone 7 OS which encourages gamers to game because of the many free and paid games available through the market place. This means that users can easily download many games; all they really need to do is just look for them. The battery of the phone can support up to 5 hours of uninterrupted game playing.

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